My cookies are forming large flakes after they are baked

I have been using the same recipes for cookies for over a year. I decided to change ingredients to cheaper brands from a cane sugar to a beet sugar, cheaper baking soda, from all purpose flour to bleached flour, different vanilla and now my cookies are coming out flatter and they have large flakes that are on the top of the cookies. Do you know what would cause this? I have not changed the process or the recipe.



Emmie April 17, 2023
I would suggest the bleached flour, which behaves quite differently from AP. I'd try the same recipe with the new sugar/baking soda/vanilla but unbleached flour and see if that gets you back to what you'd expect.
Nancy April 17, 2023
Some sites suggested causes may be too much flour, or too long baking time.
drbabs April 16, 2023
Hard to say in particular, but in general, the better your ingredients, the better your food.
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