Help Should I be worried about how someone’s preparing the households food

So I have a roommate that has been is (not at moment )a cook line cook they make meals on night ls I don’t cuss in working. I cook nights I’m off I use and get allot I of chicken freeze it and pull out as needed and defrost it in an ice water bath… but the past 2 nights when I have done that the roommate has taken it upon them selves to drain the sink and fill it with hot water and put the chicken back in to defrost. Which I know is a no no and puts it in the danger zone and can harbor bacteria and oh yea they did it again to night when I dipped my finger in the water the fixed chicken was submerged in o. Theirs cook night for the meal they make for us all. Of all people in the world they should know better than to do this. I wanna say Something but I know I’ll get a snarky remark from them saying I’m a professional I know what I’m doing

I don’t wanna get sick cuss of them improperly handling /prepping food



creamtea April 18, 2023
from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service:'s,water%2C%20and%20in%20the%20microwave.
Nancy April 18, 2023
Wow, a complex, many-sided issue.
This is not (as I believe member 702551 has warned) a site that provides reliable medical, health or food safety information.
For that, go to physicians, food industry or county extension offices.
About the shared cooking and iffy food safety, I suggest you talk with your roomate(s) and decide what to do based on the outcome of your conversation.
Nancy April 19, 2023
Revision - the food safety advice here is, yes, often RELIABLE as many here have worked in commercial kitchens or taught cooking. But it is not AUTHORITATIVE. Glad to see creamtea linked info from USDA.
Same with medical opinions here - many work in medicine, but this is not an AUTHORIZED health site.
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