What is equivalent of .08 g of Active Yeast??

A conversion calculator shows it equals .03 tsp but I dont know how to measure that either! Gaahhh! Please help if you have one of those micro scales:) :)

Jennifer W


Cranky November 2, 2023
I'm guessing this is to make a preferment? Just use a pinch.
Nancy April 22, 2023
Both these amounts sound extraordinarily small, considering that a sachet/envelope of yeast used to make an average batch of bread (one large or two average size loaves) is 7 or 8g.
Would you please provide a link to the recipe, or quote the amounts of yeast and flour used in this recipe.
Nancy April 23, 2023
And/or use the amounts recommended in this article for how much yeast to use for 1 lb flour in a recipe.

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