Can I use coconut milk in my rice cooker?



innoabrd May 5, 2011
funny, I did this myself a few days ago. Didn't fuss with proportions, just used jasmine rice and a can of coconut milk and then topped up with water to the appropriate line! Was yummy!
prettyPeas May 4, 2011
I've made coconut rice in my rice cooker many times without any problems--like others have said, salt and replace half the water with coconut milk. I like to experiment, so I have put other things in the rice cooker that have stuck to the sides, or even burnt, but nothing that hasn't come out rather easily after an overnight soak with soapy water.
Anitalectric May 3, 2011
What are you making? If it's just regular coconut rice, I agree with Greenstuff, replace half the water with coco milk and proceed as usual. For an added boost of flavor, throw in some pan toasted coconut and/or garlic that has been sliced thin and browned.

If you are making rice pudding or something like that, you might want to do it on the stovetop so you can control the cooking time and heat.
Greenstuff May 3, 2011
I should think so but would not replace all the water with coconut milk, maybe up to just half of it. As much as I love my rice cooker, I've never tried the experiment, so I hope you'll report back. I do make sticky rice with coconut and mango, but the technique is very different, steaming the rice and then pouring the coconut sauce over it.
Sam1148 May 3, 2011
Yes, however if your goal is to make nice savory coconut rice. Do not forget salt. Without that the coconut flavor kinda disappears. A touch of lemon grass paste also helps.

Be aware that some coconut milk is higher fat than others so you won't need to add oil/fat..and do not use Coconut Cream.

I've never had problems with scorching in a rice cooker as it shuts off automatically once a boiling temp is reached. But, if your worried, give it a stir half way though and add some water if needed.
francesca G. May 3, 2011
I believe you can, but you may have alter the cook time (longer) -- also, can you lower the temperature? I worry about scalding the inside of the pot.
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