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If you are in the USA, it's spelled "chili". If you are in English speaking Europe, it might be spelled "Chilli". However, Chile is the name of a country and never how the pepper is spelled.

Stacy Foos


Lori T. August 10, 2023
Actually, those of Spanish or South American influence will spell it chile. That is the Spanish word for the hot fruit. If you are in a part of the US where there is a strong Latino/Latina/Hispanic population, that is how you will find it spelled. Always. Chili is the dish, and it gets the heat from chiles.
702551 August 9, 2023
As is frequently the case, there can be multiple spellings of the same word.

Per Merriam-Webster, "chile" is an acceptable variant of "chili"

"Chilli" (with the double L's) is a primarily British variant.

The English language -- especially American English -- is a very dynamic and adaptable language. There is no authoritarian Academy (like the French have) who mandate what is legal and what isn't. It comes down to commonly accepted usage which is why English has a much larger vocabulary than pretty much every other language in human history.

Anyhow, maybe I'll remember this post the next time I write "chili". Or maybe I won't. My computer's built-in dictionary is not autocorrecting this word.

Best of luck.
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