When making lasagna for the next day, do I cook it first or cook it the next day

Rita F
  • Posted by: Rita F
  • August 10, 2023


Nancy August 10, 2023
RitaF - either way works. Probably choose depending on how much time you have for baking it might that you plan to serve.
Key points - for food safety, don’t leave at room temp more than 2 hours. Aim is to get the dish baked through for your meal (not underdone, not too dry on edges from baking too long)..
1) uncooked lasagna takes about 3/4 to 1 hr to bake, and a bit longer if straight from fridge. If near the end you see top getting too dark, cover a few minutes with foil.
2) lasagna cooked in advance - bake about half an hour, then cover and refrigerate. Next day, bake about another half hour, test for doneness and serve. (This method is better than fully cooking on day one, as reheating all the way through risks during it out or overcooking.)
Good luck and enjoy the mesk!

Nancy August 10, 2023
Two spelling corrections-
“Baking it night that you plan to serve”
“Reheating it all the way through risks drying it out@
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