Lasagna sauce oily old guy cooking

Help! Old guy trying to cook!
I made a wonderful lasagna meat sauce but there is too much oils. How can I “remove “ the oil without over cooling down the sauce?

Jerry Lundgren
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Jerry L. August 16, 2020
Thank you so much the bread trick works ! I’ll be back for sure.
Gammy August 14, 2020
Either of 2 easy ways. First, remove from heat so simmering won't disrupt your efforts. Then either use a serving spoon and carefully skim off the layer of fat where it puddles on the top and empty the spoon into a small dish or glass. You can chill this while finishing your sauce and the fat should rise to top of dish, solidify and you can remove, discard the fat and add whatever sauce is below back into your saucepan. OR try blotting the heaviest fat concentrations with a paper towel to remove a good amount of the fat.
MNLisaB August 14, 2020
From an online search: Use the ice-cube trick. Placing ice-cubes briefly on top of the dish will cause the fat to ‘stick to’ the ice-cube (because the lower temps cause the fat to solidify).
You can then discard the ice-cubes and the oil right along with it.
Use the bread trick. Very briefly lay a piece of bread on the top of the dish. This will soak up the fat on top into the bread. Then remove the bread. But BEWARE … remove the bread with tongs as it will be hot!
FYI- this looks incredible!!
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