I have a ton of regular unsweetened cocoa. I'd rather not buy new dutch-process cocoa for this recipe. Since the chocolate is only called for in...

...the icing, will it be a problem? Any suggestions about how to make the swap?

Grown-Up Birthday Cake
Recipe question for: Grown-Up Birthday Cake


Midge May 6, 2011
If you were to swap it in baking, go with shaska's advice. But since we talking about icing, subbing natural cocoa (w/o baking soda) is fine.
shaska May 5, 2011
dutch-processed cocoa means it's been treated with alkali to make it less acidic. to achieve a similar effect, add some baking soda to your regular cocoa powder. you don't mention what amount you need but the basic rule of thumb is
adding 1/8 teaspoon baking soda for every 3 tablespoons cocoa powder you use.
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