which are the top spring vegetables available in the market?

there is no such spring vegetables in Kerala,India may be Panfusine can answer



Panfusine May 7, 2011
good god Pauljoseph, just setting eyes on those old favorites, elavan, maththan, koorkai (these are the native names for winter squash, pumpkin, and a variety of teensy weensy tubers (not taro) which have a very earthy flavor)..... rakes up homesickness!!..
Also spotted mullangi (radish/daikon..) a Sambhar would be fab!
pauljoseph May 7, 2011
cookbookchick snake guard,okra,bitter gourd,banana flower,tapioca ,etc etc 100 verities of vegetables no end please specifies i will answer
cookbookchick May 7, 2011
I think pauljoseph's vegetable photos are a feast for the eyes! Wow!! Now we need a guide to identify each one.
pauljoseph May 7, 2011
Panfusine no vegetable I can find in our local farmers market can you find anything spring here https://picasaweb.google.com/paulvj000/KeralaVegetable?locked=true#
pauljoseph May 7, 2011
Yes Panfusine Any sadya is incomplete without Olan and kalan will post the recipe
Panfusine May 7, 2011
a list of 'spring veggies' w.r.t the season in the US: http://localfoods.about.com/od/searchbyseason/ss/bestspringvegetables.htm
inpatskitchen May 7, 2011
Spinach and baby lettuces could also be included.
Panfusine May 7, 2011
I seem to forget what they're called but they're the little green baseball sized & shaped squashes.
you use them skin & all. Cut up the vegetable into thick quartered slices , boil with some regular milk and pre cooked black eyed peas to cook & soften them with one slit green chilli (which can be discarded once the flavor transfers to the milk) , before adding the coconut milk.The defining ingredient in this dish is the freshly torn curry leaves & finishing with EV coconut oil. Pauljoseph would have an authentic recipe..
boulangere May 7, 2011
I made a puréed butternut squash soup with coconut milk recently. Any relation?
Panfusine May 7, 2011
the closest I can think of is the tender baby pumpkin/squash used for making 'ollan' (this is a divine dish from kerala made with coconut milk!) Looking forward to the genuine recipe from you Pauljoseph!
Bevi May 6, 2011
Fiddleheads, dandelion greens, and ramps just beginning.
Author Comment
We have fiddlehead ferns coming up. And dandelion greens.
SKK May 6, 2011
I too am looking forward to Panfusine answering. In the meantime, here in the U.S. we have radishes of all colors - white, black, red. We have leeks and peas of all kind and ramps (which I have never cooked) as well as asparagus. We have stinging nettles which grow wild next to ferns. And we have mint, which I think is considered spring.
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