I wonder about using the food processor to beat egg whites...usually egg whites separated are whipped up to a high amt of foam to lighten cake bat...

...ter. Does that happen with processor using regular metal bladee

  • Posted by: rukahn
  • May 8, 2011


boulangere May 8, 2011
I wouldn't use the food processor, either. The miracle of whipped egg whites happens because of their long, strong protein chains. Whipping them with a pinch of cream of tartar (or a few drops of vinegar) causes them to relax and stretch out into what turns into that lovely meringue. A food processor is a wonderful chopping and incorporating device, but in this case, chopping is the last thing you want to do with you egg whites. It's not nearly a difficult as you may think to whip them by hand with a whisk. Be sure to add a healthy pinch of cream of tartar, and you'll do just fine.
sdebrango May 8, 2011
i have never used a food processor for beating egg whites but don't think it would work. Using your hand held or stand mixer beats air into the whites and a food processor really doesn't do that. If you have stamina and strong arm you can use a balloon whisk. I think it best not to use your food processor.
Seasin May 8, 2011
In order to get best results with egg whites you'll need to either use the whisk attachment of your food processor, or even better to whisk them in a separate bowl with a handheld electric whisk-or if you're brave, a normal muscle-powered old-fashioned whisk.
The metal blade attachment won't incorporate enough air into the egg whites. Also remember that for best results in whipping whites, in my experience, you should use a plastic or porcelain bowl that's spotlessly clean and completely dry. A pinch of salt also helps.
Hope you'll try the recipe and enjoy it.
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