Can aquafaba and egg whites be beaten together?

Rather than substituting egg whites completely, I'm looking to supplement. I have a couple of egg whites left over, but not quite enough for an angel food cake. I do happen to have some aquafaba from a can of chickpeas from last night as well, and I was wondering if I could combine the two, and whip them simultaneously in one batch, or if they act differently enough to one another, that they need to be whipped separately or even not combined at all.



WhatsARecipe September 21, 2023
Ok, I read this thread after I wondered the same thing today and I just tried whipping them both together for meringue cookies, and it seems to have worked perfectly! I watched closely for when to turn off the oven but honestly I have found that timing variable with both mediums in the past. I usually want room temp egg whites or cold aquafaba and decided just to do it all cold for simplicity and it seems to have been fine but if I do it again sometime maybe I’ll try room temp.
Emma L. April 3, 2020
Wow! That's such a cool idea. I haven't seen this in a recipe before or tried it myself—but my first hunch would be to whip them separately (so you can control each ingredient as needed), then fold them into the batter from there. If you give it a go, please report back!
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