What can I replace with Calvados?

Madame Sel


sonya August 10, 2015
I've used a couple recipes that call for Calvados, and most of them said "or apple cider," and I'd imagine apple juice would probably work too. I see that your recipe already has it, so maybe you could just substitute straight brandy for it?
the T. June 28, 2015
Applejack- ain't a thing wrong with it- it's quite drinkable. The violence done to Calvados during cooking is a huge waste of it's intrinsic value- save it for drinking. Replace the water with applejack in any pie recipe and you'll be a happy happy person as well.
Snowmunch June 28, 2015
I use Framboise spirit (Rasberry spirit) with Calvados for Tarte Tatin, and it worked better than Calvados. It's about the same price as Calvados though. This tarte Tatin recipe is by Jamie Oliver and needs 100ml. Problem is that a 50cl bottle of Calvados costs about £20, so that is about £4 or USD 6.50 for 4 large portions, which is more expensive than the rest of the ingredients together.
mainecook61 November 18, 2012
Laird's Applejack. MUCH less expensive and you can make a nice Jack Rose with it too, then drink it and pretend you are Jake Barnes in The Sun Also Rises.
bella S. October 1, 2010
Madame Sel,
Don't feel badly. I know what it's like. It is a shame to spend the money for a bottle of something that you may only use once. I just went to the website of a relatively inexpensive liquor store, and the bottles of Calvados were not cheap. What are you going to be making? Knowing that may help us come up with a good alternative.
Madame S. October 1, 2010
We call those "nips" here in NH. I know for a fact there Courvoisier in that size, I think I may do that! Good call DonnyG!
anyone October 1, 2010
I hear you on that madame-Then I don't think congac is going be less costly unless you already have it. From a cost stand point You might try an airline bottle of another type of liquor. My local liquor store carries the tiny bottles at a buck each. If the recipe calls for both cider and Calvados and cognac is a logical substute then look far a sub. for congac in the airline bottles. Brandy?
AntoniaJames October 1, 2010
Brandy, even something inexpensive, would work just fine in a recipe like this. Or, I'd use Grappa. Especially given that you have apple cider, go with something neutral. (Someone once recommended to me to substitute a pear liqueur for Calvados, but the result was rather strange.) You've got so much apple in this dish already, I'm not sure I'd bother with adding more cider. ;o)
Madame S. October 1, 2010
Cider Braised country spare ribs-you deglaze with calvados and then saute some apples and onions.
AntoniaJames October 1, 2010
What is the recipe? It makes a big difference.
Madame S. October 1, 2010
Well, I am trying to save $$ and since I will only use the Calvados I was trying to replace it with something. The recipe already has apple cider in it so I can't substitute with that. It only calls for 1/4 cup of Calvados so I was trying to find an alternative.
anyone October 1, 2010
My first reaction is Why would you want to? I don't mean to be rude I just think trying to sub something for Calvados is experimental and no matter what you try that outcome will be unknown and possibly at a loss.
aargersi October 1, 2010
Calvados isn't sweet but it is apple-kissed, I would think cognac with a teeny splash of apple cider would do it? You could probably go straight cognac too, you would lose that hint of apple though. Dang, now I want pate made with calvados.
suziqcu November 17, 2012
I'm going to try this with Ina Garten's Individual Apple Tarts...mixing with the cognac with apple cider!

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pierino October 1, 2010
Armangac is a possibility. But is this for cooking? If so does the dish require an apple flavor? In which case Applejack which is also distilled from apples.
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