I am making the Cider Brined Pork by Oui Chef tonight - and wondering if I can substitute a cognac for the calvados and if not - can anyone recommend an alternative? Thanks in advance! Oh and Amanda, that was me today, who attacked you on Broadway, sorry about that. I was really excited.

  • Posted by: wingirl
  • January 10, 2011
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wingirl January 11, 2011
Thanks to all, the cognac worked beautifully and I also added a little apple cider vinegar to the deglazing step which I think balanced the sweetness out very well. Thanks OuiChef, I will make it again!
ChefDaddy January 11, 2011
If calvados is too expensive for ones budget to justify using try finding it in the little bottles (airline, nippers) It is used in so many recipes and I have found this a cost effective way to keep certain boozes around for cooking purposes. they run $1 at my local liqour store.
hardlikearmour January 11, 2011
Clear Creek Distillery from Oregon has a 2-yr aged apple brandy that is great for cooking when recipes call for Calvados, and is less expensive. I see from their website you can get their products in San Fran. If you ever make it to Portland they have a great tasting room! http://www.clearcreekdistillery.com/apple.html
bella S. January 10, 2011
That is exactly what I did when I made that dish. Calvados is not cheap. I could not justify spending that money for such a small amount. I also did not want to buy Apple Jack. That is not as expensive as Calvados, but the quality is not particularly high. I figured that a good cognac is superior to a cheap apple brandy. We were very happy with the results.
KOKelley January 10, 2011
I made this on our ski trip (for the third time!) and Cognac was my only option at the tiny liquor store...it tasted a little bit different but worked great and everyone loved the dish - enjoy...I really love that recipe :)
AntoniaJames January 10, 2011
I certainly would use cognac instead. It will taste a bit different than the original recipe, but to my mind should taste just as good! ;o)
wingirl January 10, 2011
Thanks! You will have to ask Amanda...I might have scared her!!
aargersi January 10, 2011
I think so, you have the cider for the apple flavor so the lack of calvados isn't a major catastrophe. You are funny, did everyone survive the attack?
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