Make ahead and freeze cookies

I want to serve some cookies next Sunday, but I can only bake on Wednesday. Does anyone have recommendations for cookies I can bake and freeze on Wednesday and then defrost in time for Sunday afternoon? Has anyone tried this with the Jacques Torres/David Leite chocolate chip cookies from the NY Times? Thanks.

Jocelyn Grayson


mrslarkin May 9, 2011
I like frozen chocolate chip cookies! I say you should go for it. Haven't tried the JT cookie but I've heard they're really good. This one from NYT is my favorite:

I'm guessing a larger-sized cookie will defrost better, since freezer will suck out the moisture somewhat. You won't have the just-baked wonderful smell in the house, but who would pass up a plate of cookies?? Not me. You should set out some glasses and get a quart of bottled milk to serve, too!
Anitalectric May 9, 2011
Okay, whoops. I just re-read the question and now understand that you want to bake ahead of time, too. I don't think defrosted cookies would taste that great, even if they were homemade. My solution would be to make ice cream sandwich cookies. You could serve them straight out of the freezer.

To make ice cream sandwiches, place one cookie inside a ring mold. (You can cut to shape if necessary). Top with a layer of ice cream, and then another cookie. Smoosh down until the ice cream touches the sides of the ring and remove the ring. You'lll have a perfectly shaped ice cream sandwich. Place in the freezer until the day you want to serve.

Here's a pic of one of my desserts, an ice cream sandwich trio!
Anitalectric May 9, 2011
You can do this with any cookie dough that you like. In fact, I just made a double batch of cowboy cookie dough (from the book "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar" one of my favorites), rolled it up in parchment and stuck the rolls in the freezer.

I pretty much do this by default every time I make cookies because they always turn out better when the dough is frozen first. You can make a large batch of cookie dough any time and store them ready to slice in the freezer. The dough will last about a month before it starts to go stale.

To do this, prepare your recipe according to the instructions. Don't bother preheating your oven or preparing baking pans. When the dough is finished, tear large squares of parchment paper. Put a mound of the cookie dough on one side of the paper. Bring the edge of the paper closest to you up and over the dough and begin to roll into a tight log shape. Use the flat edge of a bowl scraper to tuck the paper under the log tightly. Go back and forth a bit until it is even.

Roll it up all the way and then take the two ends and twist in opposite directions, like the wrapper of a caramel. Now you have a roll of 'slice and bake' cookies. All you have to do is freeze them. When you are ready to bake, just unwrap, slice and place on baking sheets. Put the frozen sliced cookies directly into a hot oven.

The cookies will not only hold their shape, but the flavor will be better than if you just baked the dough right away.
Sam1148 May 8, 2011
My neighbors makes cookies for Christmas presents, we always get a nice selection.
Oatmeal, cookie bars, 'wedding cookies', brownie type cookies, chocolate chip, coconut bars, etc..etc.

She starts in late November and freezes them. They're always tasty and fresh tasting and moist. So, I'd say go ahead and make them and freeze them.
SKK May 8, 2011
The smell of baking cookies when you walk into a house is a definite selling point. Possibly you can make freezer cookies and the realtor can bake them. Just make your favorite cookie recipe and freeze in a log. The realtor defrosts the log for about 15 minutes and then slices the dough, pops in the oven and bakes.
drbabs May 8, 2011
I think crispy cookies do better than chewy ones if you make them ahead. I've successfully frozen and defrosted these:

Cakes generally freeze well also--you could make a bundt cake, wrap and freeze it, and cut it into thin slices on the day you're serving it.

Good luck with your open house, and have a great trip!
Jocelyn G. May 8, 2011
Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town from Thursday-Sunday. I'm baking for the open house that our realtor is having on Sunday (before I get home), so it's got to be done ahead.
GreenLass May 8, 2011
Generally I think that freezing cookies after they've been cooked isn't a good idea for preserving them. That said, there are three ways to go with this. First would be to make your favorite cookie, let it cool completely and then store it in a tupperware container (don't freeze) most cookies will stay fresh for the length of time you're talking about. Second would be to make Ice Cream Sandwich cookies (I prefer a good oatmeal cookie recipe plus good quality ice cream sandwiched in the middle) These will keep well wrapped in freezer paper and then bagged in ziploc freezer bags (serve frozen). Third (and in my opinion the best) would be to make a freezer dough cookie and go ahead and bake them on Sunday (I know this wasn't the option you wanted, but it takes only 8 minutes of baking for most freezer cookies) Unless you are completely unable to bake that day this would be the best option.
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