I'm making tiramisu. I just brought eggs home from the market and when I cracked them open, a couple of them had ice inside. Can I use?



CazHill May 9, 2011
LOL I expected to read that you found something other than ice. Phew. Your eggs will be fine! When I gather eggs in the dead of winter I sometimes get eggs that have cracked open because they have frozen almost solid., I have named them eggsicles, You might find a frozen egg a little tough if you were to boil or fry it up, but to use when baking, it will be perfect.
Sam1148 May 8, 2011
Yes, just let them come to room temp in a cup of warm water.

I have to adjust the temp level in my fridge to warmer every spring and back down again in the summer. Dryer spring time air and cooler indoor temps makes the fridge more efficient.
boulangere May 8, 2011
That happens to me sometimes in my own fridge - I think I need a new one. Yes, go right ahead.
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