Making whipped yogurt for healthy tiramisu but it turned to a milk like consistency

As stated in the title, I'm making healthy tiramisu. The recipes used mascarpone cheese mixed with 2% Greek yogurt but I didn't have any so I used cream cheese. I tried putting it in a blender and hand mixing it but it just foams up. I tried adding gelatin to help it keep it's shape to no avail

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milkbosa August 1, 2022
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drbabs July 31, 2022
Do you mean that you used the cream cheese in place of the mascarpone? Or in place of the Greek yogurt? Either way, if you’ve never made this before, you should probably follow the recipe to the letter the first time. Tiramisu is classically made with heavy cream, mascarpone and eggs. Whipping the cream is what gives the dessert, as rich as it is, a sense of lightness. If the recipe writer was able to achieve that with Greek yogurt, that’s pretty amazing, but again, I think you should make it as written.
Nancy August 1, 2022
Agree with this comment (and I see how the original question is ambiguous on what the cream cheese is replacing).
Nancy July 31, 2022
You could try using the milk- consistency dairy and hope it thickens up some in the fridge.
Or use it for some other dish
And save the other tiramisu ingredients and buy the Greek yogurt mentioned in the recipe to make a batch as directed.
Unfortunately, The cream cheese is not a great replacement for low fat Greek yogurt.
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