Online source for smooth canning jars and lids

I've recently starting canning and want to add my own labels to the jars for gifting purposes. Locally, I can only find the standard mason jars with the raised logo in the glass which make it impossible to apply a label to the front of the jar. I cannot find a local source of smooth canning jars. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a good online source that is reasonably priced, carries a variety of sizes, and doesn't require a huge order quanity.



SeaJambon May 11, 2011
And I second Helen's All Night Diner - putting the labels on the lid rather than the jar is so practical that it is inspired. You will throw that part of the lid away when you reuse the jar, and it can be a real pain to remove the labels from the front of jars.
sarah K. May 9, 2011
I third Weck. I recently purchase a jar of locally made pear-ceylon jam expressly because it was presented in a Weck jar. The jam is OK, but the jar is delightful.
Helen's A. May 9, 2011
I have the same problem! I end up putting the label on the lid instead. That way I don't have to soak the labels off the jars when they are returned to me for refills...
Bevi May 9, 2011
I second Weck - they are beautiful.
Peter May 9, 2011
I've used for my spice containers and a number of interesting glass jars I've used to give away homemade caramel sauce. The prices are pretty good in volume (though the shipping can be pricey.)
Amanda H. May 9, 2011
Have you tried Weck jars? Here's a link to their site:
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