What can you tell me about hot fill canning of syrups?

I hope to make small jars of huckleberry syrup as favors for my wedding in June. The jars I have looked into buying have a sealing lid that works best for hot fill canning. I have never done this before and am wondering about the process. Is it a safe way to preserve syrup at room temperature for 4-6 months?

Jinise Osborne


HalfPint December 19, 2014
Here's a link to recipes with canning instructions for fruit syrups,

Looks like you will be hotpacking syrups into sterilized jars and processing in a water bath for 5 minutes (for pints). Looks like you might need to add a little bit of acid to your huckleberry syrup too.
HalfPint December 19, 2014
Here's a blueberry syrup recipe w/ processing times from Ball,

I tend to trust Ball recipes and sounds like you have their jars and lids.
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