Does this mean I won't be able to get into Prune in SOHO anymore?



pierino May 11, 2011
dymnyno, all three reasons apply. I was lucky to squeeze in there once. Come to think of it, Prune is technically not in SOHO as it's north of Houston by a block. East Village, I guess but they keep carving up Manhattan into smaller and smaller pieces. Jose Andres though, is the Big Cheese this year.
dymnyno May 11, 2011
Which reason...the size of the restaurant, the Book or The James Beard Award???
ChefJune May 10, 2011
It sure will be difficult! It wasn't easy to begin with. But Gabrielle deserved it, imho.
hardlikearmour May 10, 2011
I assume you're talking about the James Beard Awards?
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