prune juice

I have 4 5 oz cans of prune juice. How can I use them? I thought about a chocolate cake, using the juice as the liquid.

  • Posted by: Juliann
  • November 3, 2015


max J. November 12, 2015
Cocktails eg Muddy Mary, 2/3 juice 1/3 vodka prep the same way but use Tabasco instead of Worcester .
Susan W. November 4, 2015
I make a version of this stew a few times a year. It's delicious. You could substitute prune juice for the Apple cider or water. I think it would be fabulous.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 4, 2015
Prune juice makes a great braising liquid for beef stew. Use 2 cups for approx 3 lbs of beef.
Donna November 3, 2015
Hi Juliann, I have a recipe on my blog for an orange pound cake with a prune filling. It only uses 3/4 cup prune juice. But, it's a very good cake. Maybe take a look?
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