How long can I keep an uncooked egg strata dish in the fridge?

Can I keep an uncooked egg strata dish (no meat, just eggs, cheese, bread, and cooked veggies) covered in the fridge overnight for 16 hours? I usually leave strata casseroles in the fridge overnight, but no longer than 10 hours - I'm wondering if 16 will be okay. I'm using a ciabatta in the strata, so I think it can hold up to the egg mixture, but I'm not sure if 16 hours is okay. Any help is appreciated.



Bonnie September 27, 2016
I always make mine the day before. This time I want to make it two days before. Based on other comments, it looks like up to two days would be fine. The sausage is cooked. I'm putting the whole strata together tonight, Tuesday, for breakfast on Thursday.

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Sue C. November 23, 2014
Wow--three years later and I really needed this thread today. Thanks all!
Kay M. December 23, 2018
And now it's 4 years later and I really needed this thread today. It's so great to have these resources at hand! Thanks all.
Diane S. November 26, 2019
This was so on point with me also, I'm bringing my Mac n cheese on Thursday, Thanksgiving but wanted to put it together tonight, Tuesday since I have other running around to do. I'll bake it Thanksgiving morning just before I head to my daughters. So glad when we need an answer we can find help. Thanks so much!
chimera May 18, 2011
Thanks everyone - I took your advice and left everything overnight. Everything turned out fantastic - an artichoke goat cheese strata, a mushroom, spinach, and feta strata, and a baked maple french toast. Delicious. Thank you again for your help.
lbcashmanRD May 12, 2011
Used the below resource which says raw egg out of the shell is safe for 2-4 days:
melissav May 12, 2011
I've made a strata 24 hours in advance and it turned out well and nobody died or got sick. Success! Good luck.
ChefJune May 12, 2011
My experience is that the longer the bread soaks in the egg mixture, the more souffle-like the finished dish turns out. Imho, nothing wrong with that!
chimera May 12, 2011
Thanks, nutcakes. I'm making a ton of food, so I'm relying on being able to get those three stratas assembled the night before. I agree - I think it'll be okay - I just hope the texture is the same. I think I'm going to let the ciabatta get a little bit dried out before adding the eggs.
nutcakes May 12, 2011
I wouldn't hesitate. Just wrap with plastic wrap and chill. People rarely make it as short a time as 10 hours ahead, and I see recipes that call for up to 24. I can't think it would be unsafe, but I can't find an authority for you.
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