A question about a recipe: Rhubarb Cordial

I have a question about step 4 on the recipe "Rhubarb Cordial" from eatboutique. It says:

"Let this concoction sit for 1 month, stirring every so often to help break down the sugar and the fruit. "

I am assuming (always dangerous!) that it does not need to be refrigerated?

Thanks so much for the recipe--made my 1st batch last night and decided to try sweetening with agave syrup--Cheers!

Rhubarb Cordial
Recipe question for: Rhubarb Cordial


eatboutique May 14, 2011
I've never thought of adding cinnamon but I've got cinnamon issues... :) If you love it, let me know! Have a good weekend. --eatboutique
MikeeLikesIt May 14, 2011
Wow--the rosemary sounds very intriguing, I may need to grab a few stalks at the farmers market. Hard to go wrong with a vanilla pod, I was also thinking of dropping a cinnamon stick in, have you tried??

eatboutique May 14, 2011
Isn't it? I have 4 different glass containers stewing now and I love to see the progression. I basically never have enough of the stuff around so this year, decided to make 10 liters of the stuff. :-) I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and friends do. Maybe next time try adding a vanilla pod or a sprig of rosemary, to change it up. Have a nice day! --eatboutique
MikeeLikesIt May 14, 2011
Fantastic--thank you, it is amazing how fast the vodka gets the rhubarb color!
eatboutique May 14, 2011
Hello Mikee: Thanks so much for your question. As I learned from Eugenia Bone (upon meeting her in 2009), vodka kills anything and everything. You do not need to store it in the refrigerator at all. I often put it in the freezer after it's achieved my desired flavor (after the 1 month). Rhubarb Cordials tend to be more lovely when ice cold. I hope this is helpful to you! --eatboutique
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