How do I cook pork belly.

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innoabrd May 19, 2011
Agree with braising, but it is best if you braise it, then refrigerate it over night in the braising liquid. skim the fat off the next day before you re-heat it . (I usually re-heat NOT in the liquid.)
jwolfsthal May 18, 2011
How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
Braised is wonderful, as Amanda says. Can go traditional flavors, or asian as well. Soy, miso all work well. like buttah! I like to slightly poach first and then pat dry.
Grilled - sliced thin and cooked wither korean or japanese (rabata) style and srved with a salt and seame oil sauce is terrific. Just grilled over high heat with salt and pepper is wonderful.
Roasted - a dry rub of salt and papper, maybe something more exotic and cooked in an 325 over until just done - can be quick depending on the size of the belly.

Hard to go wrong, and enjoy!!!
Amanda H. May 18, 2011
Pork belly is best braised. You may want to brown it first, then put it in a single layer in a Dutch oven. Just barely cover with broth and aromatics (onion, peppercorns, chile, thyme, etc) and simmer in a 250 F oven until tender, several hours.
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