Fried chicken skin

I just fried up the skin from a roasted chicken, and was wondering if there was a better way to do it. I didn't add fat to the pan, since the skin had plenty, nor salt, since it was already salted. It was pretty tasty (better than Doritos, by an order of magnitude, as evidenced by how quickly my kids devoured the bits). I think they were great, but if they could be greater... I'm pretty depressed about all the chicken skins I've thrown away in the past because they were soggy.

sarah k.


Lorraine B. April 30, 2018
Fried chicken skin is a Kosher alternative for bacon.... Been used for a a hundred years at least by Jews. It's crunchy, salty, umami full flavor and nitrate free!! Use only clean, organic chicken skin... Season it on both sides and fry it fat side down first... Then flip until crispy
sarah K. May 20, 2011
@betteirene, I think you may be out of luck! Kids my age and younger have been brought up indoctrinated that chicken skin, and any sort of fat in general is a bad thing, and have convinced themselves that it's all repulsive. Such a tragedy! Unfortunately, my daughter is only 4, so she's of no help to you either. I hope your daughters in law have other redeeming qualities!
matchaflan May 20, 2011
before you roast/cook the chicken you can dry it out overnight in the fridge (uncovered - tried this for an oven-fried chicken recipe, worked wonderfully), better yet, salt it (that's what I do with pork skin...never try with chicken skin, but figure it will work). But, a cast-iron will be your best tool :) I never fail to crisp any kind of skin with my cast iron pan, without oil.
betteirene May 19, 2011
Dang! I'm chagrined that you're married--I have three sons who aren't yet married, and the wives of the three sons who are think that we're gross because we do battle over chicken, turkey and duck skin. I need a daughter-in-law who was brought up proper!
ChefDaddy May 19, 2011
Can't wait to try LND's husbands approach. Although I'm inclined to season before rether than after. Any thoughts? But, what I wanted to respond to is the use of no oil. Even though something may have fat like chicken skin or bacon it is no help until rendered for cooking. Try cooking a single piece of bacon in a pan and you will see what I mean. It needs a little fat for a kick start. So what you did would be even better with a tiny amount of fat in the pan.
friendlyoaks May 19, 2011
These are called gribenes. They are good in mashed potatoes, chopped liver, or egg salad, or all by themselves. A great substitute for bacon. A wonderful by-product is the flavorful chicken fat which should be saved and used to enrich many dishes. The only thing better than chicken skin is duck skin (which is right this minute sitting in my freezer waiting to be fried). And I hear, although I haven't had the personal experience, that the only thing better than duck skin is goose skin, which just gives me something to look forward to. I like LND's husband's approach and will have to try it.
lastnightsdinner May 19, 2011
They did, but he also does them starting with raw chicken skin - if yours are already roasted, I bet it will take less time just to crisp them up. Let us know? I'm curious :) Good luck!
sarah K. May 19, 2011
Yes! That looks awesome. Do they really take a half hour?
lastnightsdinner May 19, 2011
Here's my husband's spin:
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