Is there any way to tell from the outside of a peach if it's a cling or a freestone variety?



SKK March 1, 2011
Having been raised on a peach orchard, the earlier varieties that ripen in mid June and July and mid-August are eating peaches, not canning peaches. They are not free stones. The later peaches, which are used for canning are freestones.
cheese1227 August 18, 2010
From my friend who grows peaches for a living: Unless you know the variety, you cannot just look at a peach and tell for sure if it is freestone. You could make a pretty good guess, but you can't say for sure.
Peter August 3, 2010
Having purchased 90% of my peaches from the a wide variety of farmers at various NYC Farmer's Markets, I've never once ended up with freestones. Might there be a regional aspect to the answer? Maybe freestone don't grow well in the NYC region but are more popular, say, in Georgia?
Amanda H. July 29, 2010
Not as far as I know, but grocery stores tend to carry freestones, whereas farmers markets will carry both.
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