What to cook with peaches?

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Kendall August 10, 2011
Wash, halve and de stone the peaches; don't worry about the skin. Place cut side up in an oven proof dish and sprinkle with say 1 teaspoon brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon per half. maybe put a knob of butter in the well where the pit was. Bake at 425 until tender and brown- 20 minutes or so.

While they brown, get a 2 quart pot, and melt 1 c white sugar over moderate flame. Cook it until it's golden- whisking constantly- and smooth. Off heat, whisk in 5 tablespoons of salted butter, until smooth, and then about a half cup of heavy cream. Note that the sugar may boil up a bit when adding either, which is why you want a larger pot. Whisk until blended. As it sits it will thicken slightly.

Scoop vanilla ice cream into two bowls, layer on the peaches and then the sauce. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.
lorigoldsby August 10, 2011
Don't forget about liquid libations...LOVE fresh peaches in a white wine sangria! Also frozen in margaritas or bellinis but the best is peaches with amaretto in a lemonade bourbon slushy.
Lauren C. August 9, 2011
I like to use this recipie, the peaches for dessert and the poaching liquid warmed up with butter on grilled or roasted pork tenderloin... so good:)

gina_berthold August 9, 2011
anything with peaches gets my vote! try this pie - absolutely amazing
aargersi August 9, 2011
Peach jam, peach tart, peach cake, grilled peaches and pork chops - go crazy while the crazy is good!!!
pierino August 9, 2011
Mint. Lillet Blanc. Prosciutto. Stone fruit is in season now so jump all over it.
SKK August 9, 2011
Grilled pork and peaches or grilled chicken and peach skewers.
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