Can u put aluminum foil in the microwave?

I'm @ my mother's house and she swears u can. Have they changed the foil to be microwave safe??



wssmom May 24, 2011
no way. period.
boulangere May 24, 2011
As one might say, *never let the truth interfere with the facts*
sdebrango May 24, 2011
Last week I had this same conversation with a very stubborn friend of mine who insisted that you can, he proceeded to do it and it scared the bejeezus out of him with the sparks etc.... Sometimes no matter what you say people will do what they want despite the facts they are presented with.
boulangere May 24, 2011
Never underestimate the ability of a parent to intimidate. Regardless of logic.
mrslarkin May 24, 2011
Thanks, everyone, for confirming what I already believed to be true. Now to tell my mother. Whether or not she listens is another thing completely. Wish me luck!

That howstuffworks link is really cool, sdebrango. From reading a little more about this, it sounds like it's the thickness of the foil that's problematic. That, combined with crinkles, causes the microwaves to bounce off each other and spark.

I guess the metal racks in a lot of microwave ovens are okay because of their thickness.
boulangere May 24, 2011
Okay, I tried to soft-pedal my answer, but Panfusine and SKK have pulled out all the stops. It really might scare the willies out of you, not to mention the sound and light effects. I've had the identical experience as Panfusine with honey. I'm guessing her plastic container melted along the aluminum line and smelled just as bad as mine did.
SKK May 24, 2011
How great you are at your Mom's! Same old aluminum foil and same old microwaves - don't go there.
Panfusine May 24, 2011
the one time I tried to liquefy honey in its container (which had a sliver of foil clinging to the edge), that was my experience, scared the daylights out of me!.. I don't care crumple free, edge free.. My microwave will always be foil free!
sdebrango May 24, 2011
This website says NO:
Panfusine May 24, 2011
SURE!!!! if you want to hear really scary pops & sparks & feel & hear your blood rushing thru your carotid artery! not to mention terrible visions of impending explosions & olfactory hallucinations of burning plastic!
boulangere May 24, 2011
In my experience, yes, as long as you enjoy teeny weenie fireworks.
lorigoldsby May 24, 2011
Also checked the USDA website... Their fact sheet gives the caveat to read the owners manual but it also says yes but
only use new (non crumpled) foil
Don't completely cover it.
bugbitten May 24, 2011
Yes u can, but u'll be shopping for a new microwave right after.
lorigoldsby May 24, 2011
Just sent out a "Bing" and there is a website that says you can,
lorigoldsby May 24, 2011
We had a microwave combination oven in the last house that had a wire shelf in it. The appliance man told us not to use foil in it because of the uneven tear of the foil...the ragged edge could cause sparking...never tried it but I did look at that microwave askance every time I used it.
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