Does anyone in food52 have Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine?

A group of us are considering going in together to purchase a set. Reviews I have read are favorable, and I am also intrigued by Myhrvold's statement that soon things like sous vide machines will be as inexpensive as microwaves. Also love the pictures. Any comments from owners?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • May 26, 2011


petitbleu January 7, 2012
We got one for "research." I'll be honest--we really haven't used it much--a few sauce recipes here and there. But it's gigantic and beautiful and endlessly fascinating.
cammyskitchen January 7, 2012
Santa got it for me! history, tech/equip, ingred/prep, animals and plants, plated dishes, recipes. I have a sous vide and some basic chemicals, but think i can only make 30% of the recipes. Searing with liquid nitro!
Panfusine May 26, 2011
On second thoughts.. Forget that I even suggested that. I'll be shedding tears of blood like a stressed out lab rat in disappointment if I lost out!
Panfusine May 26, 2011
Any chance that Dr. Myhrvold will be offering a set of those treasures for the food52 fanatics out here in a draw/raffle?
babytiger May 26, 2011
I got mine a few weeks ago. Love looking through the books and learning more about techniques. Haven't cooked from it yet but will be doing so soon.
SKK May 26, 2011
Thank you, Amanda. We will go ahead and order.
Amanda H. May 26, 2011
Waiting for my copy of the set to arrive, but I did go to two talks given by N.M., when he was touring. I wouldn't think of it as a book that you'll cook out of necessarily, but there's a lot to learn from it. And while there's a fair amount of science in it, my impression is that it's all packaged in a beautiful, accessible and fun manner. I love the idea of a group sharing the book!
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