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I have a small request for anyone who's interested in helping me out. I hope no one minds that I ask this on the Hotline.

My husband is taking business classes and he's writing the feasibility study for the pub we're in the process of starting. We need people willing to give us a couple minutes of feedback. If you have the time, this is what we need:
1) Read the concept statement of our business
2) Answer the question
3) Write 1-2 sentences of comments/feedback on our concept statement

Please be as honest as possible. We need sincere feedback and criticism if we're going to make our business a success. You can email your response here, if you'd rather not respond on the Hotline: beyondcelery [at] Thank you so much!

Also: What do you think of the name "Buckwheat Pub"?

Concept Statement:
Buckwheat Pub will be a brick-and-mortar cafe in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. It will have a cozy pub atmosphere, serving lunch and dinner with a moderate selection of beer, hard cider, and wine. We will also offer takeout and catering. Everything will be made from scratch in the gluten-free kitchen on site and sold from that location.

Our menu will include a variety of soups, salads, savory pies, baked flat breads, and pasta, as well as a selection of desserts. Everything will be completely gluten-free and peanut-free. We will have both meat and vegetarian/vegan items. We will cultivate a traditional pub atmosphere, where anyone can walk in off the street and get a delicious hearty meal and a pint, whether or not they follow a gluten-free diet. Buckwheat Pub will be a place for everyone that just happens to be completely safe for people with gluten sensitivity or other food allergies.

Survey : How likely would you be to buy the product or service described above?
______ Definitely would buy
______ Probably would buy
______ Might or might not buy
______ Probably would not buy
______ Definitely would not buy



Maedl June 5, 2012
Yum! Apricot cider is intriguing!
Bill F. June 5, 2012
Oh an I'd buy your product! The word pub always attracts me
Bill F. June 5, 2012
These ideas sound like a great concept! But I feel that having two main concepts is one too many. When I think of a pub I think of a pint of Guinness and some pomme frites or a basket of chips. And gluten free is another great idea but not paired with a pub. But I don't know all the details but I you work hard anything is possible. Good luck!
beyondcelery June 5, 2012
Thank you for the feedback, Bill F! The whole idea is that our food will be slightly dressed-up pub food, made gluten-free. There will be "chips and crisps," they'll just be gluten-free and probably served with something like a lemon aioli or blue cheese dip. Here's a taste of what we'll be frying:
Maedl June 5, 2012
I would be likely to visit if I were in Seattle, just because I would be interested in what the beer is like. I would make the business plan more specific. Since you are calling it a pub, I would develop the pub theme a bit with food taken from English, Scottish or Irish sources. Some English and Irish cheeses come to mind, pickles, etc. And perry--does someone in your area make perry (essentially a pear cider)?
beyondcelery June 5, 2012
Thank you! This is just a beginning short description of the business, composed for my husband's course. I can guarantee some cheese plates, pickles, etc. And there WILL be pear cider. Maybe even apricot cider (Tieton's is amazing).
susan G. June 4, 2012
We'll send an email.
beyondcelery June 4, 2012
Thanks, susan g!
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