How to cook halibut so it comes out tender

I once had halibut in a restaurant that I've never forgotten, and would love to know how to make it at home. It was incredibly tender, and not dry at all. The texture was almost custard-like. It melted in my mouth. My guess is that they either poached it or did it sous vide. I, unfortunately, to not have a sous vide device. Does anyone know how to cook halibut so that it comes out moist, tender and succulent that's not a sous vide recipe? I'm less concerned about the sauce/accompaniments, as I can always find something to serve with it; it's the cooking technique I need help with. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Terri
  • May 17, 2020


Emma L. May 18, 2020
Love Nancy's suggestions! One more thought is a slow roast, which is one of my favorite methods for cooking fish:
Nancy May 18, 2020
Terri - a few suggestions.
One, use a meat thermometer to check for internal temp 130 to 135F for medium (opaque, not overcooked); 125F for medium rare; 120F for rare.
Two, some methods I've found reliable for keeping the fish moist and tasty:
1) fillets seasoned & wrapped in paper, baked in oven, called en papillote. or you can do it wrapped foil on a grill.
2) fillets baked with an herb crust. helps keep the moisture in; adds to flavor and texture when served. I usually do pecan and pignoli, but I have also seen it with other nuts, like almond or walnut.
3) whole fish baked in a salt crust. Great for preserving moisture. Very dramatic presentation. Good for an occasion or a dinner party. No, does not taste extremely salty.
Here is one version.
Last, here are some seasonal; halibut tips from Pacific Northwest, where they cook and eat a lot of fish.
Nancy May 18, 2020
Sorry, second method. Halibut DOES taste cook in an herb crust. But I meant to write NUT crust.
Terri May 18, 2020
Thanks Nancy. Great tips and links. :-)
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