What's the difference between sprouted quinoa and regular quinoa?

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susan G. June 9, 2011
Here's information from a supplier of sprouted quinoa. They don't tell you how they dry it -- good question! You can sprout the quinoa yourself.
don'teat!@#$ June 9, 2011
Hi there,
I've been searching around for the same info. Recently turned on to Quinoa I went to the bulk section of a big chain healthy food store and saw not only quinoa but 'sprouted quinoa' there was very little difference in the 2 except the sprouted seed looked just a smidgen bigger. The other difference is price, 2 dollars more per pound for the sprouted.

Was wondering what is done to it in order to 'sprout' yet remain a dry bulk item and if cooking with it is generally the same.
susan G. May 29, 2011
If a seed (grain, bean, etc -- anything which hasn't had it's 'coat' removed) is soaked, then rinsed until germination takes place, it is 'sprouted.' Certain changes take place in its chemistry so that some nutrients increase, absorption may improve...
Where/how are you finding it?
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