Dragon Fruit

What to do with it? I picked one up at my local supermarket (I vaguely remembered reading about it recently). Anything besides scooping out the pulpy flesh? Wondering if I could turn it into a custard style ice cream.



lorigoldsby May 30, 2011
here was my foodpickle thread

lorigoldsby May 30, 2011
Please make sure you post whatever you come up with--obviously we need more dragonfruit ideas!
lorigoldsby May 30, 2011
Enjoy! wish these were available in my neighborhood market! I posted this foodpickle a few weeks ago and with everyone's ideas, I came up with this.

boulangere May 30, 2011
Lucky you, tessa!
tessa022707 May 30, 2011
We have a dragon fruit plant/ tree growing in the backyard and got our first fruits last year...it is amazingly yummy just sliced into sections and eaten like orange segments.
A drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lime bring out a not quite ripe ones flavor.
SKK May 30, 2011
http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/832-what-do-you-do-with-a-dragon-fruit-they-were-so-pretty-i-had-to-buy-one#pickle-answers is the link boulangere spoke about, and gingerroot had an idea that may be of help
boulangere May 30, 2011
There was a foodpickle thread about it not too long ago. Try searching foodpickle answers for it. My suggestions was the same as your idea. I think the color and texture would be amazing. I suspect it would also make a good sorbet, maybe with some good lime notes.
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