Extending the shelf life of fresh cherries and fresh cilantro (not together)

Recently bought some nice bing cherries - if I'm eating them raw, is it best to keep them on the counter or refrigerate them? In what kind of bowl/container?

Same question about fresh cilantro. It always gets wilty and/or mushy on me really fast. Tips to prevent that?



latoscana June 3, 2011
Northwest cherry growers recommend refrigerating immediately and using within days. They suggest that you can freeze them (http://www.nwcherries.com/themes/cherry/freeze.html) which doesn't sound very ideal to me.
Anitalectric June 3, 2011
Leafy herbs like cilantro and parsley, I un-rubberband the bunch and place it in a cup filled with half and inch of water, like a bouquet. Then place a clear plastic bag over the top (like the ones from the vegetable department) and rubberband it around the sides of the glass. Place in refrigerator in a spot where the glass is unlikely to get knocked over. This forms a little greenhouse for the herbs and they will stay fresh for more than a week.
susan G. June 2, 2011
Our experience with cilantro varies. Sometimes it keeps, sometimes not. I try to buy it from Asian sources, with the expectation that it is fresher, but it's not consistent when we store it at home. Sometime better, sometimes worse. I think we have tried many of the keeper options, but Panfusine, yours is new to me: next bunch, surgery!
Droplet June 2, 2011
In my experience they keep longer if I refrigerate them (the cherries). There are also containers out there which are sold specifically for the purpose of storing fruit and have a perforated "rack" that goes on the bottom of the container and allows the fruit to breathe, so to speak. If you store fruit often, that might be something to get.
In cooler months I store parsley/ cilantro in a glass with water on the counter but when this time of the year comes the stems seem to get bad too fast. I have been told that it is not good to keep an open container with a liquid in it in the fridge, so I run the parsley under cold water and put it in a plastic bag and in the fridge that way- seems to last longer.
Panfusine June 2, 2011
cilantro: remove the leafy part from the stems, dab with a kitchen towel to absorb any excess moisture. (its the constant misting at the grocery store that contributes to the rot) then wrap in paper towels and then place into a plastic cover before storing in the fridge drawer. You can chop up the green stems & store them in a freezer bag . In a pinch just open the freezer, crush the bag lightly to loosen the lil bits & use..
Cherries: Store in Tummy! Never sought to extend their shelf life..
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