What is the superior margarita salt?



Susann R. June 23, 2016
I thought it was coarse salt just double checking I usually have it in the house but you know how it goes when you need it you're out
Sam1148 June 4, 2011
How about Black Lava Salt. With crushed orange zest (lime would be redundant) adhered with lime juice on the rim of the glass.
wssmom June 3, 2011
I think experimenting with different salts would be an awesome experiment!
latoscana June 3, 2011
Riffing on Sam1148's salt combo suggestions, in Mexico, they rim the little shot glasses for mezcal with cayenne pepper and salt - as if mescal doesn't supply enough fire on its own.
Sam1148 June 2, 2011
I'm a big fan of a product called "True Lime". http://www.truelemon.com/true-lime.html
A crystallized lime product. It mixes well with salt.

I'll grind kosher salt into powder in a coffee grinder and mix that with salt, garlic, ginger powder, paprika, white pepper. To use on popcorn when it's ground into dust.

Or mix with Kosher salt for salting the rim on Margarita with out grinding.

Off topic here...but Sriracha Salt is great for bloody marys. As is the lime powder/kosher salt combo.
Easy to make at home.
Panfusine June 2, 2011
a drop of food coloring rubbed into salt?? what do those neon colored ones retail for?
betteirene June 2, 2011
Ditto. A long. long time ago, someone I continue to live with bought a little plastic tub labeled "Margarita Salt." It looked and tasted just like Diamond Crystal but cost 10x as much. I put my hefty $2 box next to his puny $2 tub and told him that if he continued to buy expensive salt, I'd start buying cheap tequila.

Have you seen the neon-colored salts? I love the bright colors and thought about making my own, but then I worried about the effects on the big guy's moustache. Maybe for next April 1.
Panfusine June 2, 2011
kosher salt as obleaki says, it clings well to the rim of the glass
obleak1 June 2, 2011
Diamond Crystal kosher salt.
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