Can I substitute quick oats for 1/2 of the flour in a raisin bran cereal cookie recipe? Thank you. ;o)

I'm at the beach, far from any store that sells flour. I have everything else called for, but lack 1 of the 2 cups of flour called for in the recipe. Thanks! ;o)



AntoniaJames June 10, 2011
Thanks for all your input, everyone. I added an extra egg, which seems not to have been a great idea. At least I think that was the problem. The cookie dough was too loose, and the cookies spread out (though placed with about three inches between them) to form one giant, soft but easily broken cookie. I learned an important lesson: run a test batch of a few cookies before shaping and putting into the oven two full trays of them. I'd probably also chill the dough, but I'm not convinced that would make much difference. I don't make/experiment with cookies that often, so I just don't know. I salvaged the dessert -- these were to be served to six young women who graduated from high school last week, and were joining my husband's extended family at the beach -- by using the cookie "stuff" to top a strawberry, mango and blueberry crisp. Everyone loved it. The older adults made short work of the extra topping (broken cookie pieces), polishing it off in record time. I'm really curious about this whole experiment though, because I discovered that raisin bran and oatmeal together make a great-tasting cookie. So I'll probably play with this again. Stay tuned . . . . ;o)
nutcakes June 7, 2011
May be too late, but I'd pulverize the part that is supposed to be flour. Good idea to add an extra egg boullangere.
hardlikearmour June 7, 2011
How did they work out, AJ?
Anitalectric June 6, 2011
Give it a try. I would recommend setting aside 1/4 a cup of the sugar/sweetener for the recipe and taste the dough before adding it last minute, if necessary. I find that adding extra oats to a recipe always makes it much sweeter. No idea why!
vvvanessa June 5, 2011
if you have the means, try blending the oats into a rough flour first. aside from the gluten issue, i think using whole oats might do a weird texture thing. raisin bran cookies sound like fun!
boulangere June 5, 2011
Oh, poor you, being stuck at the beach. Yes, go ahead and sub some quick oats, but bear in mind that they contain no gluten, which you're losing in the missing cup of flour. To compensate, add an extra egg and you should have some very lovely cookies to serve to all those poor souls stuck there with you. Take a dip for me!
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