A question about a recipe: Olive Oil Gelato

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "Olive Oil Gelato" from amanda. It says:

I've made this recipe twice, and both times the mixture has come out of the machine quite runny. This has happened to me before if I haven't cooled the base long enough, but both times, it was refrigerated for at least 10 hours. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Posted by: Amber
  • June 7, 2011
Olive Oil Gelato
Recipe question for: Olive Oil Gelato


Amber June 9, 2011
Indeed, that's one of the things I love about cooking.

Thanks again for your help!
boulangere June 9, 2011
Try not cooking it to that high heat. It's all a science experiment, you know!
Amber June 9, 2011
Really? The recipe mentioned heating the base to 185. After spinning, the mixture is really runny (my original concern). The first batch froze up moderately well -- firmer than soft serve but still soft -- but the second batch is ever so slightly icy, as I expected.

Thank you so much for your help!
boulangere June 7, 2011
187 is actually too high. Proteins break down at 185, so lower would be better. It sounds like you're doing everything right. When I made it, I honestly don't recall its consistency going into the bowl, but it spun up beautifully, then froze perfectly in the freezer. You're spinning it 12 hours or so before serving, then freezing in a container, right? How does yours turn out after you spin it?
Amber June 7, 2011
Actually, the second time I heated it to 187 (confirmed with a digital thermomenter), and it seemed less cooked than the first time. Since Amanda said it should be a loose custard, I went with it anyway. I checked the temp of my frezer, and the bowl was fuly chilled (it lives in the freezer), so I am baffled. Could the weather affect it?
boulangere June 7, 2011
I'm guessing that, barring your refrigerator have some serious issues, you've adequately cooled your base. I'd also guess that perhaps it wasn't cooked quite enough. You want to get it to about 175 on an instant-read thermometer so you're coagulating proteins to a good thickness. Persevere!
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