Beet chips?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Melusine June 8, 2011
Yum! I'd forgotten this recipe -- I made these at Christmas when I lived in Tajikistan. The only fresh food in the winter were beets, carrots potatoes, and very sweet lemons as big as a soft ball. These were a serious hit, even with the "I've had too much borscht" crowd. Thank you, Kristen, for posting this recipe. "Whole Foods Customer" - I used the 1mm blade on my Cuisinart, so these were a snap to make.
Kristen M. June 7, 2011
Here's a great recipe for baked beet chips (served with curried sour cream) from Gourmet: You can also deep-fry them, but either way I'd recommend using a mandoline to slice them as thinly as possible, if you have one.
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