Where do you get slavery-free shrimp?

I haven't bought shrimp since I read about the prevalence of slavery- and even child slavery- in the Thai shrimp industry. It just breaks my heart, and Thai shrimp is so common in stores that I've just stopped looking.

So many quick, company-appropriate meals call for shrimp, and I'd like to have the option again.

Do you have a source for ethically harvested and processed shrimp? Not just sustainable- although obv. that too- but specifically slavery-free. What about U.S. producers? What other countries have reliably good labor practices in their shrimping and fishing industries? I know lots of you are probably way ahead of me on this issue.



nautical_treasure June 4, 2020
Thrive Market has certified meat and seafood or possibly local would be my best bet. I would look at the msc.org website for suggestions also.
MrsMehitabel October 30, 2018
Thank you, C. Sangueza! I guess buying local, or at least American, really is the best option.

I live in a rural, landlocked area where beef is much more popular than seafood, so there are basically just frozen shrimp to choose from. But I don't buy those anyway, so I'll just wait for shopping trips to the city and look for them then.

Thank you again!
C S. October 30, 2018
I live in a coastal state and we get local shrimp at our fishmonger's. Look in the fresh fish case at your grocery and see if they have any US harvested shrimp.
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