A question about a recipe: Quick Strawberry Sherbet

What if strawberries are in season? Should I freeze them first?

Quick Strawberry Sherbet
Recipe question for: Quick Strawberry Sherbet


Grooviness June 9, 2011
Thanks! I can't wait to try this recipe in a week or two when the strawberries are ripe here.
ChefJune June 9, 2011
Thanks, Guys, for answering. Yes, the strawberries have to be frozen for this, and fresh, frozen ones make the sherbet taste even better, especially when the little wild ones are in season. And if the strawberries are too big, cut them into smaller, evenly sized pieces for the best results.
BTW, I found that if I froze them much longer than Chef June recommends, I ended up with small strawberry chunks in the sherbet. Still really tasty, but not as smooth as I was looking for. Hope that helps.
I've made this great recipe a few times now and I always bought fresh strawberries and then froze them in a single layer on a small baking sheet in the freezer. Doesn't take long at all. Enjoy!
sdebrango June 8, 2011
If you read all the comments Chef June said the berries have to be frozen for this recipe. So if you have fresh berries you will have to freeze them before making.
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