I am throwing a brunch party for quite a lot of people and definitely want this to be one of the many dishes...it says there are 4 servings...i...

...f this is part of a buffet with a lot of other items should I think about doubling or would this have enough smaller size servings to be worth it as is? I know this is sort of a vague question, but any input would be most helpful.


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Savory Bread Pudding
Recipe question for: Savory Bread Pudding

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fiveandspice June 9, 2011
It goes into a 9X9 inch pan, so you could get eight rather small servings that were just over an inch square out of each, if you wanted to. They would be like little bite-sized nibbles! But, even as part of a brunch, I'd think you'd want to at least double this if you're having quite a few people.
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