grilling scallops

do you have any tips for grilling scallops on the outside grill? never done it

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ChefJune June 10, 2011
Only the largest scallops work well for grilling, imho. The others get overcooked. sdebrango's basket is the best way to ensure they don't get stuck on the grill's surface and also the easiest way to turn them and move them around if the fire gets too hot where they are.

Grilling them successfully takes quite a bit of practice. I really prefer to pan sear them.
nogaga June 10, 2011
One of my faves is grilling scallops.... I use a low-sided copper pan which I lightly slick with oil and place on top of the grill. You get all the smokiness that way with none of the searing,
sdebrango June 9, 2011
I bought a fish grilling basket from Williams Sonoma I grilled the large scallops using that. It works so well. It has a handle so you can flip. I use it for all types of fish and it holds the fish in place and you get nice grill marks.
Sam1148 June 9, 2011
they *Shouldn't* be skinny enough to fall through the grill grates. Those are bay scallops.
Better pan fried with clarified butter.

Sam1148 June 9, 2011
Some times the 'diver scallops' at whole food are just too tall.

I cut them in half so they're about 1 inch tall.

Oil the grill well...Take a paper towel soaked with oil..and use tongs to oil the grill before grilling.

The size of the scallops is an issue. they should be skinny enough to fall through the grates. If so, consider using a finer wire rack on the grill, or forgo the grill. This depends on the scallops and grill grate size.

Don't rush them....they'll release from the grill done without much bother. If they stick, they probably aren't ready to flip.

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