Fried jalapenos?

Ther is this awesome salad at Ozonas in Dallas. Simple spinnich salad with boiled egg, bacon and honey mustard dressing. The kicker... sliced battered deep fried jalapenos. Sort of like a tempura batter but not quite. I would be queen for the night if I could serve this at home. Any ideas on a good batter for jalapenos?
J. Crotty

  • Posted by: jcrotty
  • June 10, 2011


vvvanessa June 11, 2011
restaurants are sometimes generous with their recipes. maybe they will share it or at least give you and idea of what makes theirs special.
SKK June 11, 2011
Try this recipe, it works in this household -
Panfusine June 10, 2011
depends on the cuisine you're looking to... In India, this is a very popular snack called 'mirchi bhajji'. the jalapeno is filled on the inside with seasoned Paneer & chickpea flour and the whole pepper is then dipped into a batter made with chickpea flour, salt, cayenne & powdered 'ajwain' (bishops weed, which has a very strong taste of thyme) and its deep fried.
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