Why are so many salad dressings being served today sweet?

I have a hard time when eating out finding restaurants whose salad dressings aren't highly sweetened. They add honey to the name and some how it makes it gourmet.

Ginny Bowers Churning


bigpan February 19, 2014
America is in love with heart attacks and diabetes. ;-)
Make your own at home, in restaurants ask for oil and vinegar and dress the salad yourself. A squeeze of lemon is nice too.
Maedl February 18, 2014
Sweet-sour can taste good on salads--a PINCH of sugar can bring out flavors, but as Le Bec Fin says, the US is addicted to sugar and fat thanks to fast food. The first thing I hear from Europeans who have visited the US is a complaint about how sweet everything is. I think the masses here have become so accustomed to sweet that they don't perceive it and crave ever more quantities of sugar to satisfy their need. A massive palate re-education is desperately needed,
Ginny B. February 18, 2014

I found this link All of these sound great but I would cut down or out the sugar in the mango one. The mango should be sweet enough to cut the bite of any vinegar. Even the Spicy Honey-Mustard could be good if the Honey was just cut back.
LeBec F. February 18, 2014
Ginny, i agree 100%. America is SICK with sugar.......and salt. There is sugar in EVERYthing.
99% of the restnts i see- serve bottled salad dressing and those always have sugar in them. But in France, home made vinaigrettes do not have sugar in them.Generically speaking, there is absolutely no reason to put sugar in a vinaigrette (with the exception of Asian dressings that often have soy sauce, and the sugar helps balance the dressing. Unless I am eating at an 'artisinal' or higher end restnt, i always ask for my salad to have dressing on the side, because 1) they usually overdress salads and 2) you don't know when that Herbal Ranch dressing is going to taste like candy. blech.
Sorry, rant over.Upshot>i agree totally w/ you.
Greenstuff February 17, 2014
You don't say where you are. That trend is (happily) not everywhere, and I haven't seen it called gourmet. But it's widespread enough that I ask if salad dressings are sweet. If they are, I ask for oil and vinegar.
Ginny B. February 18, 2014
It doesn't seem to matter if Im being offered a low end dipping sauce or a dressing for a high end organic spring mix, they, the dressings or sauces, are sweet. I usually just get an Italian or a vinegrette if it is even offered, but it would be nice if the majority of dressings being offered couldn't double as a sauce for my dessert.
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