mulligatawny soup history

today we made a traditional family recipe the great mulligatawny soup. I took the picture anybody please share the history of this soup so I can post the history with the recipe tomorrow

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susan G. June 13, 2011
I'm looking forward to seeing how you make it. I've love the ones I've made, but I'm sure your soup will excel!
Panfusine June 13, 2011
Mulligatawny: the literal transalation is from the tamil words milagu (black pepper) & thaneer (water), it remains one of the classic Anglo Indian offerings that came out of pre-independent India.
It may be inferred from the original spice combination that it arose from milagu rasam (a watery broth made with coriander, cumin, & pepper with a tamarind base usually paired with plain rice and a toasted papad. the word Rasam itself is derived from the sanskrit Rasa which means 'essence') but over the times It may have been thickened up & vegetables added to make this into a thick soup.
sdebrango June 13, 2011
here is something I found online, its got a checkered past and unclear history but here is a link to an article about the soup:
pauljoseph June 13, 2011
and lemon
pauljoseph June 13, 2011
one more picture how drink the soup rice,fried onion and cilantro
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