Please can I have some tasty home-made soup recipes?



Amanda H. January 6, 2011
We search for food keywords in questions and search for relevant recipes that also contain those keywords.
mrslarkin January 6, 2011
That is so cool, Amanda! How does it work, exactly?
casa-giardino January 6, 2011
See bottom of blog post for a delicious chicken soup.
Amanda H. January 6, 2011
If you click back on the question you should find some great (and vetted!) recipes auto-suggested from our database. We just launched this feature 5 minutes ago!
betteirene January 6, 2011
From basic to exotic, this is the place to start browsing:
Bevi January 6, 2011
There have been quite a few soup recipes posted on this site. Just type in "soup" and you will have quite the selection to choose from!
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