can i freeze soup made with yogurt

can i freeze fruit soup made with yogurt

  • Posted by: nutkis
  • August 9, 2012


chef O. August 10, 2012
Of course you can freeze yogurt! I often put those yogurt tubes the kids like in the freezer for snacks and if cups are on sale I but extra and freeze. There should be no issue but if does separate slightly just stir again to combine.
susan G. August 10, 2012
If you can, freeze the base and add the yogurt later. If it is meant to be served cold, let it defrost slowly (in the fridge would be good) when you're going to serve it. If the yogurt is already mixed in, try it -- what do you have to lose? I would whisk it just before putting in bowls.
Panfusine August 9, 2012
technically you could, but reheating usually tends to separate out the milk proteins a bit, unless has some kind of thickening binder such as rice flour.
Cannizzo August 9, 2012
I don't know but I don't like to freeze dairy I always keep the cheese out like if I'm freezing pizza or pesto sauce I don't like frozen lasagna I think it depends on the cheese
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