How to make Creme Brulee?

I have a recipie for creme brulee, but I was wondering at the end when you burn the top, can you use a regular lighter, a long one like for a grill, not a bic, or is there a special lighter I need to buy? If substituting won't hurt the outcome that is better for me. college budgets are pretty tight.



Droplet June 14, 2011
I always use the broiler and it works fine every time.
Melusine June 13, 2011
A trick I've read about (but have yet to try) is to dry the brown sugar in the oven, and then sprinkle the dry sugar on top of the creme and do the brulee part under the broiler.
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They now have pressurized torch lighter at most convenience store these days. Usually for nefarious reasons, but I bought one for the same reason you are looking for. It worked great for creme brûlée, but it only had enough fuel to char 10 brûlée
foodfighter June 13, 2011
I have a stick lighter that has a strong flame you can point that would work as you are describing. I'll try to find the brand tonight.
boulangere June 13, 2011
I'd bite hardlikearmour's bullet and get a torch also.
Kittythecollegecook June 13, 2011
I will try the broiler first! Thanks for the idea
hardlikearmour June 13, 2011
I don't think that will work well. The flame with those lighters always wants to point up so it'll be difficult to get it aimed at the sugar. You can use a broiler or bite the bullet and get a propane torch at the hardware store.
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