Culinary Classes in San Francisco

I'm going to be in San Francisco this weekend, and would like to experience an interesting culinary class or tour - does anyone have any recommendations? I'm preferably after something smaller and interesting - not a cheesy, teach you the basics type class. Some that I've seen in other cities that look interesting are:
Any tips for something like this in San Francisco?



betteirene June 14, 2011
The San Francisco Baking Institute is way cool. Unfortunately for you, their next weekend workshop/class is the weekend after this one. Its web site, however, has some nice links to bakeries that offer tours, along with some other things to do while in San Francisco.

San Francisco is my favorite city ever.
vvvanessa June 14, 2011
this might not be exactly what you're looking for, but i just came across this, which sounds fun:
nutcakes June 14, 2011
I'm not up to date, but I do think Tante Marie is the gold standard. Farther North is Ramekins, and I have heard good reports from people on a long time food board I'm active in. Yes to Acme Breads, I miss it so.
vvvanessa June 14, 2011
i can't vouch for them personally, but i've heard over the years that the classes at tante marie are great, and they do weekend workshops. also maybe check to see if they have anything going on. and don't forget to eat acme bread, boccalone meats, and miette pastries at the ferry building! : )
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