Kewpie mayo

Just saw kewpi mayo at my asian store. What is it? Is it yummy? Do I want some?



Sam1148 June 16, 2011
One of my quick 'go to' side dishes. Is simple; some broccoli (wash it and leave some water on it)..a little salt and pepper in a heat proof bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave 1 min only. Then dress with kewpie wasabi mayo.
Premix powdered wasabi with some water before adding to the mayo..let it sit 10 mins..the more you stir it the hotter it gets; then add to the mayo, or the tube style.
Frontalgirl June 16, 2011
Oooooo kewpie! Where have you been all my life? As you can tell, I did go back & get it! A whole new world is open now :) I've already had it on salmon..up next is asparagus and then on to felixfood's hot dogs. And sam? I adore you.(sigh) Love your insight. I'll look for the sesame sauce on the next trip. Thanks to all.
gigiaxline June 15, 2011
extremely yummy. makes a great dip for artichokes too.
happycao June 15, 2011
It's what Japanese use to make their version of potato salads, which, in my opinion are yummier. It's also used in sushi.
Sam1148 June 14, 2011
It's very rich. I love it, my partner doesn't like it as he's normalized to like Dukes and Heilmans. But does like it when mixed for wassabi mayo.

It's particularly good on fries, as it closer to European style mayo than American mayos.
The egg york ratio is high in Kewpie mayo than American mayo.

I say get it!! And while you're at it pick up some of Kewpie brand "Roasted Sesame Sauce"'s perfect for noodles, salads, or Goma-ae (cold spinach with sesame dressing).
melissav June 14, 2011
I think that is what most sushi restaurants use in their "spicy sauce" as well. Some Kewpie mixed with Sriracha.
chairmanhu June 14, 2011
By adding a little wasabi powder, it makes a really great, savory wasabi mayo! Try it on a beef hot dog with some homemade quick pickled daikon:

Very thinly slice (approx) a 5" piece of daikon radish. Add 1tbsp sugar and 1tsp kosher salt. Toss and let sit for a half hour. Done!

Juicy dog, creamy mayo, hit of wasabi, fresh sweet crunch of daikon. Simple and irresistible .
Yuki June 14, 2011
It is the most popular (almost only) brand of mayo in Japan. I think it is yummy, but I am Japanese and that's what I grew up with. You should try it with boiled asparagus or you can make tartar sauce with it. I just made it today with salmon steak.
Merrill S. June 14, 2011
It is yummy. It's a Japanese brand of mayo that uses rice vinegar and egg yolks instead of whole eggs. It does also contain a little bit of MSG, in case that's a no-go for you.
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