How much Matcha should I add Cinco de Mayo Tres Leches cake Recipe.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo a meetup I am attending combined with an Asian meetup is having pot luck. I am supposed to make a Latin/Asian fusion desert so I decided to make a Tres Leches cake with a whipped cream frosting and want to add Matcha to it but I am not sure how much to add. Can someone please advice me on how much to add to the frosting? The recipe is here:
Thanks, Greg.

Gregory Edward Williams


Gregory E. April 30, 2019
Thanks very much, Stephanie! I will try that and comment about how it turns out after I make it.
Stephanie B. April 30, 2019
No problem! Let us know how the cake turns out.
Stephanie B. April 30, 2019
Try 2 teaspoons. Follow the instructions for whipped cream, and add the matcha powder along with the sugar. I would try it once the match is mixed in, but before cream is the right consistency, to see how you like it - if you think it could use more matcha, add another teaspoon, if you think it tastes just right carry on until it's whipped to your liking.
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